Friday       5pm-9pm:    $40

Saturday  12pm-4pm:  $40 
                    5pm-9pm:  $40     

Sunday    12pm-4pm:   $40

*Campfires comfortably accommodate up to 25 people. Ticket Admission not included.

Set up your farm fun HQ at one of our cozy campfires! It's the perfect way to keep a home base while the kids explore all the farm has to offer! Our private campfires are available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The campfires are lit when you arrive or will be shortly after you check in with our staff in the ticket booth. One picnic table and three benches are provided at each campfire.  You are welcome to bring hotdogs and s'mores fixins'. Make sure to bring all the utensils and roasting sticks needed. However, all containers are subject to search. Each campfire will have a trash can and our staff would appreciate your help in cleaning up before your group leaves.